Privacy policy

Cookies / tracking technologies

We use cookies and other tracking technologies in order to enhance your user experience and for the below purposes. You can choose to accept all cookies or specify which cookies you accept and which you do not. You can change previously made settings by clicking the link below.Refusing some of the cookies may affect your user experience that are provided for your convenience.


Necessary cookies activates basic functionalities to ensure the website works correctly, hence they cannot be turned off. These cookies manage page navigation, the next step in the purchase process and the signed-in mode.

Analytics and statistics

These cookies give us information on the customer experience on our website. They allow us to analyse the nature of our user base. This includes the information whether the user has visited our website before, what specific pages, and how frequently. This helps us identify your interest and so that we can show you the content on our website based on your choices. It makes it possible for us to improve overall usability and customer relations among other functions.


Personalisation cookies are used to improve your experience of our website according to your preferences, purchase history and navigation history. This gives you more relevant offers and a better overall user experience.


Marketing cookies are used for advertisements where we, with the help of our partners, communicate the kind of offers that we predict are the most relevant to you and your preferences.

User Information

We may also collect additional information such as your browser type, version, operating system and the language of your device, your country as well as the areas on the website that you visit the most. The purpose of saving this information is to identify user preferences and use this information for marketing purposes as mentioned above.

Personal Information

We gather your personal information through your email when you enter your login credentials. The purpose of saving you email address is to send you relevant marketing material.You can easily turn off this option by selecting “unsubscribe” in you mail.

Third parties

To improve the functionalities of our website, we have installed third party applications on our behalf for tasks like data hosting, content delivery, analytics, email and marketing management etc. These third-party utilities may require a limited amount of your details in order to deliver their services efficiently.


Our website contains links to our other web pages and social media handles. These links are for marketing purposes and allow you to surf more on our website. However, we do not endorse any type of social media platforms through the links mentioned on our web pages. We do not control privacy settings of third-party utilities and social media platforms. These websites may place their own cookies on your computer to enhance your user experience. Other websites or social media sites have their own privacy and legal policies, irrespective of being mentioned on our website. We suggest you read their privacy policies in order to make sure about your privacy.
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